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The Four Yogas Bookstore is pleased to present a selection of books illuminating the mastery of awareness. I have chosen outstanding works to support your most inspired and transcendental interests.... from Chinese and Tibetan Buddhism to essential knowledge about meditative absorption, tantric and mahamudra yoga, the teachings of Carlos Castaneda's don Juan, Kashmir Shaivist nondualism, as well as other foundation books that I have have found particularly useful in illuminating the stages of awareness leading to enlightenment. 

indentI've designated various categories, with selections from my personal library that I think you'll especially enjoy and want to treasure as a resource. Selected listings have a brief review written by me, Edward Plotkin, highlighting what I see as the books' significance to the mastery of awareness. I know how frustrating it can be to pay twenty, thirty, or forty dollars for a book about the mastery of awareness that doesn't teach you what you need to know, so I have carefully selected the very best books in each category. You may also wish to view Reader's Choice, a selection of recent purchases by our readers. Our latest addition is video and music for meditation and entertainment.
As a special incentive nearly all books, music and videos are offered by at discount prices.
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The Four Yogas Of Enlightenment
Guide To Don Juan's Nagualism &
Esoteric Buddhism


  The Mastery of Awareness

 Begin the Mastery of Awareness today
For millennia Tibetan Buddhists have trekked the snow capped Himalayas seeking enlightenment through the mastery of awareness. During the twentieth century Carlos Castaneda traveled countless miles between California and Mexico to meet with the seer and man of knowledge, don Juan. Now, you can bring the power of The Four Yogas into your life.  
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Guide To Don Juan's Nagualism & Esoteric Buddhism
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